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Burn Information 

 LINCOLN COUNTY NOTIFICATION                                                                 

Issue Date: May 24, 2023

Issued By: Lincoln County Fire Defense Board - Chief Bryan Daniels

Notice: Lincoln County, Debris Burning Message

Lincoln County Fire Agencies to begin Debris Burn Ban

With increased temperatures, decreased precipitation, and in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Forestry, fire agencies in Lincoln County will soon be implementing bans on yard debris burning.

Agencies and Effective Dates:

North Lincoln Fire & Rescue – May 26th at dusk

Depoe Bay Fire District – May 26th at dusk

Newport Fire Department – May 26th at dusk

Seal Rock Fire District – May 31st at dusk

Central Coast Fire & Rescue – May 26th at dusk

Siletz Fire District – May 30th at 6:00 a.m.

Toledo Fire Department – May 28th at dusk

Yachats Fire District – May 28th at noon

Oregon Department of Forestry - May 26th at dusk

This ban is specific to yard debris burning and does not include recreational campfires, portable propane/patio fireplaces, or charcoal BBQ grills.  Please check with your local fire agency for details specific to each jurisdiction.

                    Reminder: Carelessness is the largest cause of wildfire.

Escaped fires of any kind resulting in property damage requiring efforts from a fire agency or multiple fire agencies, may result in fines and individual financial responsibility for damages caused and for fire response recovery, per Oregon Revised Statue; 476.920 - Billing owner of property for the cost of extinguishing fire.