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Board of Directors Vacancy


Applications accepted for Director’s Vacancy

Depoe Bay Rural Fire Protection District -Board of Directors

The Depoe Bay RFPD Board of Directors will accept applications to fill one position on the Fire District’s Board of Directors. The Board will consider letters of interest received from qualified candidates. Requirements include residing within Depoe Bay Fire District boundaries and attending and participating in monthly meetings.

This is an uncompensated appointment. The Board of Directors consists of five elected or appointed officials. These five individuals oversee district policy and fiscal administration and meet monthly.

To apply, submit a letter of interest to:

Board of Directors, Depoe Bay RFPD

In-person or via Mail at 325 SW Hwy 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341

Or by Email:

A letter of interest must be received by Friday, March 29, 2024, at 4 pm to be considered.

The Board of Directors tentatively plans to interview candidates at their meeting on Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, at the Gleneden Beach Fire Station at 3 pm. Candidates are encouraged to attend the meeting.


Details on the duties of being a director can be found here: