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Become a Shift Volunteer Firefighter with
Depoe Bay Fire District

Depoe Bay Fire District is seeking motivated, skilled and professional members to become part of our team. You do not need to work or reside with our district. We are recruiting for trained firefighters regardless of where you live. Our mission is to enhance the level of EMS, technical & suppression response and to provide supervision to all members during your “Tour”. By becoming a shift firefighter, you will be acting as an important part of the team for the Depoe Bay Fire District which extends from South from the Siletz Bay 14 miles to Otter Rock. The District is approximately 33 square miles and has an annual call volume of 800+. Summertime brings a significant increase in the amount of people into Depoe Bay, especially during the weekends. We experience a large number of MVA’s on Highway 101, and are often called for incidents involving boaters and swimmers. These positions function as a member of an engine company and may have occasional weekend, nightly training and or meetings. This is a unique chance to pull a shift at the coast and receive a stipend. Please consider this a low commitment, high impact position.

Traditionally volunteer and combination districts try to cover a variable with a variable. Meaning the emergency calls that we receive with personnel that may or may not be around at any given time. By design, this can never be a guaranteed form of coverage. The Depoe Bay Fire District believes we will cover a constant with a constant which is 24 hours a day 365 days per year coverage with a four person engine crew.

A home burns the same at 0300 as it does at 1500, thus we do not require different standards of coverage based on the time of the call. Time would only be a valid variable if we were discussing how many companies we need. In our case we need one engine crew 24 hours a day that can mitigate most emergencies our customers expect us to mitigate.

Our goal is a four person engine crew is the most versatile single company crew we can use. While a three person crew limits the usability of the crew by not allowing a crew to split. A four person crew can be split into two crews and still maintain a buddy system.

For additional Information, please see the PDF below.

Shift Firefighter Program
Information Packet

Or to apply: Email Assistant Fire Chief, Bryan Daniels




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Sep 0 56 19
Oct 0 49 21
Nov 2 42 21
Dec 4 43 34
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