Depoe Bay Fire reveals new 6x6 Rapid Response Vehicle
By Capt. Jim Kusz-Public Info, Ed & Safety Officer
May 31, 2011

With summer approaching Depoe Bay Fire & Rescue procured a 6 wheeled "Ranger Polaris" for beach rescue operations. This vehicle handling characteristic seems ideally suited for the type of "fine" sand and rough terrain Depoe Bay Firefighters must traverse quickly in emergencies.

Depoe Bay Fire Captain Harry Riches took out the new Polaris 6x6 and found it extremely capable in sand and on the wooden paths throughout the District. The new 6x6 will be further outfitted with an insert in the cargo area to transport patients and additional safety equipment such as emergency lighting, a flood light, mounted radio with USCG frequencies and a small winch capable stabilizing or moving logs.

It will be housed at the Gleneden Beach Station and used in tandem, along with EMILY the Robotic Remote Control "Lifeguard" that is unique to coastal communities.

Play Safe at the Beach,
Jim Kusz / Captain
Public Information, Education & Safety Officer

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